In today’s fast-paced digital environment, a seamless and efficient server infrastructure is paramount for any business aiming for growth and stability. This is where we step in –, your dedicated partner in navigating through the complex landscape of server management.

Decoding the Complex World of Server Management

We often encounter a recurring question: “What exactly is included in your server administration services?” Every business owner, IT specialist, or responsible person within a company should be well-acquainted with what they’re investing in and the ensuing benefits.

Uninterrupted 24/7 Service Operation

We ensure your services are running round the clock, constantly monitored and managed. Our systematic approach to monitoring is anchored in the integration of standard and customized metrics designed to fit individual client needs.

What Do We Monitor?

System Metrics: Includes free space, overall load, memory usage, website availability, SSL certificate expiration, RAID errors, equipment errors, database accessibility, replication, various software, message queue, and more based on the specific system.

Equipment: For equipment housed within our premises, we offer physical monitoring. If you rent equipment elsewhere, we offer virtual machine monitoring, system virtualization monitoring, and liaise with the provider on your behalf in case of issues.

Operating System Updates: We track patch releases, especially when new vulnerabilities are identified, optimize server performance, and resolve OS issues, ensuring your system is always up to date and secure.

Software: The Heart of Operational Excellence

From installing, modifying, to removing software from repositories, and package assembly, to software operation tuning and troubleshooting, we have you covered. We also keep an eye on corrections and additions release, minimizing risks associated with software failure and virus infections.

Miscellaneous Expertise

User and Resource Management: We expertly handle users, database, web servers, FTP, VPN, git, and other installed software.

Backup and Recovery Strategy: Design and implementation of a robust backup and recovery plan.

Scheduled Maintenance: Regular and preventive maintenance to avoid system failures and ensure readiness and rapid information and system recovery.

Unmatched Security

Protecting your informational assets from unauthorized modifications, destruction, or copying is our priority. We conduct audits to ensure compliance with internal norms and organize restricted access to developers.

Specialized Web Server Configuration

Our tailored solutions also cover in-depth web server tuning and optimization for high-traffic projects, script development for automatic task execution, DDoS attack protection, and ensuring server and website resilience.

Why Choose ADMINS24?

With a wealth of cutting-edge technologies at our disposal, coupled with an in-house monitoring system offering instant problem notifications, decades of experience, and a team of highly skilled professionals, we’re your go-to partner for remote server administration.

Tailored Server Setup and Optimization

Whether you’re dealing with a fresh server purchase, seeking to enhance an existing system’s functionality, or need skilled management, we provide comprehensive solutions. From defining the server’s role, OS installation, software setup for specific roles, to advanced service tuning for designated tasks, and security optimization – every service is custom-tailored.

Technology and Workforce

Our team is highly skilled in administering a variety of technologies, including Linux, Unix, RHEL, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, DNS, DHCP, Apache, Nginx, and many more. We are proficient in writing scripts in PHP, Perl, bash, and PowerShell and have extensive experience in web development technologies and network technologies.


Our cost-effective services, starting at just $25, are designed to offer bespoke solutions based on the volume and complexity of tasks.

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