Through the years in the industry, a common question we encounter is, “What exactly does your server administration service encompass?”

This question is ever-relevant. A clear understanding of the services rendered can significantly enhance the client-service provider relationship. Business owners, managers, and IT specialists are often keen to understand the value delivered against the investment made.

So, let’s break down the components of ADMINS24’s remote server administration service.

 24×7 Service Uptime Assurance

We’re your eyes and ears, constantly monitoring your servers and services. With our around-the-clock oversight, we swiftly address any emerging issues, ensuring your operations remain uninterrupted.


Our sophisticated monitoring system is at the core of our services. All client servers are integrated into this system, where we track standard metrics and can introduce customized metrics as per specific requirements. Clients can opt to receive instant notifications, keeping them informed in real-time.

We closely monitor various system parameters, tailored to each client’s unique needs, such as:

– Available disk space
– System load
– Utilized memory
– Website uptime
– SSL certificate validity
– RAID health
– Hardware errors
– Database and software accessibility
– Message queues
– Among other customized metrics


We can directly manage hardware hosted on our premises. For equipment hosted externally, we offer:

– Remote monitoring of the physical state of the equipment
– Oversight of virtual machines and virtualization systems
– Liaising with the hosting provider on behalf of the client for any hardware-related issues


Our services here include:

– Regular updates of the OS
– Monitoring and installing newly released patches, especially critical when new vulnerabilities are identified
– Configuring system security measures
– Enhancing server performance
– Comprehensive system monitoring
– Addressing OS-related issues
– Installation and setup of OS on both physical and virtual servers


Our tasks involve:

– Installing, modifying, and removing software
– Configuring software operation parameters
– Software performance optimization
– Monitoring software functionality
– Addressing software glitches
– Tracking and installing software updates and fixes
– Coordinating software interactions on the server
– Addressing client requests related to installed or new software


We offer a suite of auxiliary services, including:

– User, database, web servers, ftp, vpn, git, and other software management
– Developing and implementing backup and recovery strategies
– Planning and conducting routine and preventive maintenance to avert system failures
– Ensuring readiness for swift information and data recovery

Our unwavering commitment is to ensure that your servers and services are not just operational but are optimized for peak performance, security, and reliability. With ADMINS24, you’re not just getting a service; you’re securing a partnership dedicated to supporting your operational excellence.

 Safeguarding Your Company’s Information Resources

At ADMINS24, we’re committed to the unwavering protection of your company’s valuable information assets, including databases and file arrays. We implement stringent measures to prevent unauthorized modification, destruction, copying, or disruption of their functionality.

Auditing for Compliance and Security

Our expert team conducts thorough audits of your information systems, ensuring alignment with internal normative requirements for information security. The audit outcomes lay the foundation for the formulation of a comprehensive work regulation. An initial audit is conducted immediately after we take your system under our maintenance.

Tailored Access and Consultations

We facilitate distinct access to essential resources for developers, ensuring they have the precise tools and data needed to optimize their work. Our specialists provide consultations on software operation, enhancing user understanding and efficient utilization.

Vigilant Access Control

ADMINS24 is vigilant in access control, ensuring that resources are accessed only by authorized personnel, minimizing the risk of information breach or system compromise.

Web Server Optimization and Defense Mechanism

Beyond basic administration, we specialize in finely tuning web servers, optimizing them for high-traffic projects. Our team develops scripts for automated task execution, strengthening the servers and websites against DDoS attacks and ensuring their resilience.

Technology, Monitoring, and Expertise

We pride ourselves on utilizing cutting-edge technologies and boasting an in-house monitoring system that instantly alerts us to potential issues. Our wealth of experience and a team of top-tier professionals in remote server administration stand as testaments to our commitment to excellence.

With ADMINS24, you’re not just choosing a service provider; you’re selecting a partner devoted to the integrity, security, and optimal performance of your informational and operational assets. Your security, efficiency, and peace of mind are at the core of our service delivery.