Inspection and Optimization

For our newest clients, we initiate a comprehensive review of IT structures, pinpointing and rectifying inefficiencies, ensuring optimal performance from the get-go.

Continuous Oversight

We provide relentless, 24/7 monitoring of client servers to detect, address, and avert issues before they can impact business operations.

Regular Maintenance

Scheduled updates to the OS and applications, hardware inspections, and backup verifications are executed consistently to ensure seamless operations.


At ADMINS24, we’re not just another tech support team – we are your allies in navigating the complex world of server management. We specialize in offering an extensive suite of services tailored to remote administration of servers, be it physical or virtual, Linux or cloud-based platforms like Azure, Amazon, and Google Cloud.

Our Mission

Our objective transcends mere server maintenance; we aim to sculpt an ecosystem where your server doesn’t just work but thrives, guaranteeing unyielding and efficient operation.

 The Convenience of Outsourced Expertise

Navigating the intricate world of IT requires a blend of skill and experience. If these aren’t your business’s core strengths or if hiring a full-time specialist seems unfeasible, consider our IT outsourcing services. We are a nexus of trust and expertise, crafted to save you both time and resources.

A Partner in Progress

ADMINS24 transforms server oversight from a chore to a seamless experience. We ensure your peace of mind, taking on the tasks of monitoring, timely updates, issue resolution, and performance optimization. We identify potential vulnerabilities and neutralize them, steering your IT infrastructure toward contemporary solutions and cloud integration, be it on Amazon, Azure, or Google Cloud.

Always on Duty

We don’t just offer services; we offer peace of mind. Our constant vigil ensures that your IT systems are resilient, efficient, and always on. We specialize in custom solutions, including migrating systems and establishing turnkey IT infrastructures.

Advantages of Remote Support

Entrusting server management to ADMINS24 assures that your operations are in expert hands, capable of addressing complex, bespoke tasks. Our remote technical support enhances operational control, rapid issue resolution, and minimal distraction from your core business activities—all while reducing the overheads associated with maintaining an in-house IT specialist.

Opt for our outsourcing services, and you’ll soon realize that the cost-efficiency of our offerings exceeds that of maintaining a full-time IT professional. In return, you gain an advanced response mechanism during adverse situations, anytime service provision, and location independence.



24/7 Server Monitoring
We keep a vigilant eye on your servers, ensuring they are operational and efficient. Our monitoring services include:

– Monitoring server load and disk space
– Ensuring website and port accessibility
– Checking swap file usage
– Analyzing RAID status
– Monitoring disks with SMART
– For large-scale projects, event monitoring (e.g., order placements, cart additions, etc.) is available

Affordable IT Services for Server Configuration
We offer cost-effective solutions for configuring Linux and Windows servers. Our services include:

– Web server configuration and support
– Database installation, configuration, and optimization (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Oracle, etc.), and management software
– Email server (SMTP/POP3) setup and configuration
– Proxy server, firewall, and NAT configuration
– File server setup
– Antivirus installation
– Migration and configuration of servers on Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure
– Server administration services over the WORLD

As time progresses, our experience and service range continue to expand. We also provide IT consultancy and training services for company staff on new software resources. This ensures your team’s enhanced productivity, incorporation of innovative technologies into business processes, overall business activity optimization, and keeping pace with technological advancements.

Why Choose Our Services
The skill and experience of our specialists in server administration ensure quick and quality solutions to any server-related tasks. Our IT consulting services will enable you to:

– Streamline your enterprise’s business processes
– Reduce expenses in the realm of IT solutions
– Improve IT infrastructure, simplify management, and increase company activity transparency
– Implement enterprise IT management systems

We are equipped to elevate the efficiency of your operations, promoting a harmonious integration of innovative technologies, optimizing overall enterprise activities, and aligning your business with contemporary technological trends.