In the dynamic world of technology and web development, the significance of an agile, efficient, and competent system cannot be understated. Welcome to ADMINS24, your partners in achieving supreme operational efficiency and unyielding performance. Our specialty lies in a multi-faceted approach to website support and server management, ensuring your online platforms not only stay afloat but also thrive.

DevOps Engineer at ADMINS24

Picture a world where speed, reliability, and efficiency converge. ADMINS24 embodies this fusion, offering top-notch DevOps services that epitomize swift code deployment without downtime and assure unblemished performance amidst frequent changes.

Our DevOps engineers have mastered the art of speedy code deployment, enabling continuous integration and development that’s seamless and efficient.

We champion the flawless execution of changes, ensuring that bugs and glitches are a narrative of the past.

With rigorous testing and updates, anticipate accurate release dates, streamlining your planning and execution.

Our DevOps Services

From the installation and customization of various automation and testing tools like Jenkins and Capistrano to 24/7 monitoring, ADMINS24 is your guardian angel. We customize server settings with tools like Puppet and Ansible and keep a keen eye on your systems round the clock, ensuring they’re always at their optimal performance.

Resolving Complexities

Our touch extends to the deployment and assembly of Docker containers, system monitoring, version control integration, and creating fail-proof clustered systems. We’re not just about fixing problems; we’re about preempting them, addressing issues before they morph into crises.

Affordability and Efficiency

At ADMINS24, we debunk the myth that quality comes at an exorbitant price. Our remote DevOps administration services are a testament to quality meeting affordability. You enjoy impeccable service delivery at a fraction of the cost of an in-house team.

Packages Tailored For You

Whether it’s ongoing support or one-off tasks, our packages are crafted with your unique needs in mind. Our flexibility extends to both our pricing and service delivery, ensuring you only pay for what you need.

A Glimpse into Our Packages

– Basic:

$700 / PER MONTH

Immerse in 25 hours of dedicated support, with administration of one development and one production environment, and ongoing pipeline maintenance.

– Standard:

$1200 / PER MONTH

Elevate to 45 hours of round-the-clock support, administration for two development and production environments, and extended services including Kubernetes and Docker support.

– Premium:

$1500 / PER MONTH

Indulge in 55 hours of relentless support, administration for four development and production environments, and an arsenal of additional services to bolster your operations.

– VIP:


Embrace a world where your needs dictate the rhythm. Full-time support, infinite administration, and a suite of services tailored to your every whim.


Harness the power of top-tier DevOps services without the hefty price tag. Why hire in-house when you can have a dedicated team at your service for a fraction of the cost?

24/7 Support
Day or night, weekday or weekend, ADMINS24 is your unwavering support system, ensuring your operations never skip a beat.

Performance Boost
Witness a significant uptick in your project’s speed, deployment, and overall performance. We’re about making you faster, better, and more efficient.

Security Fortress
With ADMINS24, anticipate a fortification of your data and operations. We’re the silent guardians, the watchful protectors of your digital empire.

Optimization and Innovation
Step into a world where your business processes are continually refined, and innovative solutions are the norms.

A Call to Excellence

As ADMINS24, we’ve not only seen the future; we’re creating it. We invite you to step into a world where challenges are merely stepping stones to excellence. A world where your operational efficiency isn’t just optimized; it’s maximized.

Dive into an exploration where every question has an answer, every challenge a solution. Reach out now, and let’s script a narrative of unyielding performance, unmatched speed, and unwavering security. Welcome to a world crafted in excellence, welcome to ADMINS24.

The Merits of Hiring a Remote DevOps Engineer

In today’s competitive and fast-paced business environment, companies are continually seeking ways to optimize performance, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency. The discourse often tilts towards whether to hire an in-house team or outsource specific roles, particularly in the realm of DevOps. Let’s dissect the pros and cons associated with each model to gain a comprehensive understanding.

In-house DevOps Engineer:

Company Expenses:
Hiring an in-house DevOps engineer incurs substantial costs, including salaries, taxes, insurance, vacation, and sick leave. Additionally, there’s the expense of establishing and maintaining a functional and conducive workspace.

Absence from Work:
When the in-house engineer is on sick leave, vacation, or absent for any reason, the company faces a potential productivity gap.

Working Hours:
An in-house engineer adheres to fixed working hours. They can’t be expected to work round the clock, which could be a limitation in case of emergencies or urgent tasks.

Qualification and Experience:
Often, in-house engineers have a specific set of skills and experience. Being immersed in similar tasks can sometimes limit their exposure and growth in other advanced areas of DevOps.

Cost vs. Value:
Quality comes at a price. An experienced in-house DevOps engineer demands a handsome salary, adding to the company’s payroll expenses.

Remote DevOps Engineer:

Cost Reduction:
Outsourcing a DevOps engineer eliminates the costs associated with taxes, leave allowances, and other statutory benefits. It’s a cost-effective model.

Team for a Project:
Remote services provide access to a team of interchangeable DevOps engineers, ensuring that there’s always someone to attend to your project.

24×7 Monitoring:
With remote DevOps, your projects are monitored round the clock. There’s no downtime or ‘off-days’; your project is always a priority.

Professionalism and Diversity:
Remote DevOps teams encounter a variety of tasks from different clients, enriching their skills and experience. They bring a wealth of diversified knowledge to the table.

Cost Efficiency:
Imagine accessing a team of experienced professionals from various fields at a cost less than hiring a single in-house employee. That’s the economic efficiency remote DevOps engineers bring.

Our Working Process:

Step 1: Upon receiving your query, our manager promptly connects with you to gather detailed insights into your requirements.

Step 2: We scrutinize the task at hand, develop a customized commercial proposal, and proceed to contract finalization.

Step 3: An in-depth audit of the existing infrastructure is conducted, followed by the formulation of enhancement recommendations.

Step 4: We embark on the execution of outlined tasks and provide continuous support thereafter.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Will I Communicate with the DevOps Engineer?
We prioritize your convenience. The communication channel is at your discretion – be it a messenger or task tracker of your preference. We also have our in-built ticket system, Jira, where you can submit and monitor your requests.

Will I Receive Work Reports?
Absolutely! Transparency is our hallmark. You’ll receive detailed reports on the work executed, ensuring you are always in the loop.

Is the Cost of Work Fixed?
We adopt a flexible pricing model tailored to the complexity and requirements of each project, ensuring value for money.

Which Country Are You Based In?
Our services transcend geographical boundaries. We are globally positioned to serve a diverse clientele.

Can We Trust You?
Trust is the cornerstone of our engagements. We are committed to delivering impeccable services with integrity and professionalism.


The dichotomy between hiring an in-house and remote DevOps engineer is influenced by various factors including cost, flexibility, and the nature of the project. In many instances, the remote model offers unmatched flexibility, cost efficiency, and access to a diverse skill set, positioning companies for optimal performance and reduced operational costs. Welcome to a world where quality meets efficiency – welcome to the world of remote DevOps engineering.