1. Agreement Subject: Even if the Client does not utilize ADMINS24 LIMITED’s services, they agree to all the terms and provisions of this agreement, encompassing any interaction with the company’s websites or execution of any payment method.

2. Agreement Form: ADMINS24 LIMITED does not enter into any oral or written agreements with clients and users of its website, except for this public proposal agreement, which is automatically accepted when receiving services, using any of the company’s websites, or making any form of payment.

3. Relationship between Parties: Interaction with ADMINS24 LIMITED does not establish employment relationships between the company and the Client.

4. Service Provision: ADMINS24 LIMITED provides consulting and ancillary services for a specified fee.

5. Payment Restriction: By making the payment, the Client agrees that the payment is only made for the activities specified in this clause, namely: 62.09 Other information technology and computer system activities or 62.01 Computer programming, and no other types of activities are subject to payment under this offer.

6. Guarantees: ADMINS24 LIMITED does not guarantee specific results from the provided consultations or assistance.

7. No Refund: ADMINS24 LIMITED does not provide refunds for paid services, even if they do not meet the Client’s expectations or were not provided in full.

8. Client’s Responsibility: ADMINS24 LIMITED is not liable for decisions made by the Client based on the provided consultations or assistance.

9. Right to Refuse: ADMINS24 LIMITED has the right to refuse to provide services without providing reasons.

10. Involvement of Specialists for Service Provision: ADMINS24 LIMITED reserves the right to engage any specialists or partners for the execution of necessary services without prior consent from the Client. Such engagement of specialists is carried out with the aim of ensuring the quality and effectiveness of service delivery and does not entail additional liability or require Client’s agreement for the selection of specific specialists.

11. Data Center Focus: We exclusively provide services for servers located in data centers and do not support home computers. Our services are limited to the Linux operating system only, excluding graphical user interfaces; we provide support solely through the console.

12. Response Time: ADMINS24 LIMITED aims to provide prompt responses to clients’ inquiries and requests. Despite the usual shorter response time, clients should understand that the maximum response time can reach up to 12 hours during peak periods or in other circumstances.

13. Intellectual Property: All materials posted on the ADMINS24 LIMITED website or provided within the services are the property of ADMINS24 LIMITED and cannot be used without the company’s prior consent.

14. Information Responsibility: The Client is fully responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by them.

15. Dispute Resolution: All disputes related to this agreement or ADMINS24 LIMITED services are resolved in accordance with the applicable laws of Ukraine. Any disputes shall fall under the jurisdiction of the registration location of the affiliated private entrepreneur, as determined in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs, and Public Associations of Ukraine, and shall be considered in accordance with their registered location.

16. Prohibited Actions: ADMINS24 LIMITED prohibits the use of its services for illegal activities, fraud, pornography, terrorism, or similar actions.

17. Abuse Complaints: ADMINS24 LIMITED thoroughly investigates all abuse complaints.

18. Termination of Services: ADMINS24 LIMITED has the right to terminate the provision of services without explaining reasons, especially in case of violating this agreement.

19. 100% Prepayment: All services provided by ADMINS24 LIMITED require 100% prepayment, and other payment methods are not accepted.

20. Identity Verification: ADMINS24 LIMITED reserves the right to request identity verification documents from Clients. In cases where fictitious information is provided or attempts are made to remain anonymous, we do not provide services to anonymous users. Ensuring the security and authenticity of our services is vital, and accurate and valid information is essential for the provision of our services.

21. Protection of Personal Data and Information Processing: By accepting this offer, you agree that ADMINS24 LIMITED may process personal data of website users and clients in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Personal Data Protection.” Your consent implies that you allow us to collect, store, use, and transmit your personal data for the purpose of providing services and enhancing the interaction experience with us.

22. Linguistic and Communication Support: ADMINS24 LIMITED provides support and interaction with clients exclusively in English, Russian, and Ukrainian languages. Any communication interaction conducted by the company is solely in the mentioned languages. No other languages are supported for communication or inquiries to us, and interaction in other languages cannot be accommodated.

23. Company Name Compliance: The name of the company ADMINS24 corresponds to the full name ADMINS24 LIMITED and is affiliated with the private entrepreneur Yurii Yuriovych Kaluhin.

24. Company Address and Contact Information: ADMINS24 LIMITED, Keurenplein 41 Unit E5539, 1069CD Amsterdam, Netherlands.

ADMINS24 LIMITED has the right to amend this agreement at any time without prior notice. It is recommended for Clients to periodically check for updates to the agreement.