Basic – $50/Month – The Essential Companion

Your stepping stone to a world of uncompromised website performance and security.

For just $50 per server each month, consider us your diligent watchmen during business hours. We ensure that within an hour of your request, we’re there to address your concerns. Every alert is a priority, and with a 45-minute response time, your server’s optimal performance is our unwavering mission.

Whether it’s the installation of essential software or an in-depth analysis of server log files, our basic plan encompasses a meticulous blend of responsive service and technical excellence. From firewall setup to the configuration of network settings and control panels, consider every technical aspect meticulously covered.

In a world where cyber threats are unpredictable, our restoration from backup service is your insurance, ensuring that continuity and data integrity are never compromised. At ADMINS24, we don’t just offer support; we offer peace of mind.

Standard – $75/Month – Elevating Excellence

Step into a realm where responsiveness meets unparalleled technical precision.

At $75 per server monthly, the standard plan isn’t just a service tier; it’s a testament to enhanced responsiveness and technical prowess. Every client request is addressed within 45 minutes, turning potential downtimes into minor hiccups.

With the capability to monitor up to 3 websites on the server and a 30-minute response to monitoring alerts during business hours, your website’s performance is not just monitored but meticulously optimized. Every software update, every consultation, and every firewall setup is a strategic step towards unyielding website performance.

In the dynamic digital landscape, server optimization isn’t just an option; it’s a necessity, seamlessly woven into every aspect of our standard plan. Every detail, from backup creation to troubleshooting, is a harmonious blend of speed, efficiency, and technical excellence.

Premium – $150/Month – The Ultimate Guardian

A guardian where unparalleled support meets 24/7 vigilance.

For $150 per server each month, the premium tier is a sanctuary of 24/7 support where every alert is addressed within 30 minutes, and every issue, irrespective of its complexity, is resolved with unmatched precision.

With the capability to monitor up to 5 websites and a strategic blend of server optimization and security checks, every potential vulnerability is transformed into a fortress of security and performance. From server migrations to hardware testing and the intricate world of DDoS-resistant systems, the premium plan is where challenges meet unparalleled technical expertise.

In the realm of the premium, support isn’t just about addressing issues; it’s about preempting them, ensuring that every aspect of your website’s performance is a symphony of speed, security, and unwavering reliability.

VIP Tier – $300/Month – Unyielding Excellence Unveiled

Your golden ticket to a world where limitations are myths, and excellence is the daily norm.

At $300 per server monthly, the VIP tier is not just support; it’s an ecosystem of unyielding performance, security, and responsiveness. Every feature of the premium is enhanced, every response time accelerated, and every technical solution a masterpiece of precision and innovation.

With the flexibility to monitor an unlimited number of websites and the luxury of priority service, every interaction is a VIP experience, every solution, a tailor-made masterpiece ensuring that your website isn’t just live but is a living testament to unyielding performance and security.

In the VIP world, every detail, from the firewall setup, server log analysis, to intricate DDoS-resistant systems, is a meticulous artwork of technical precision, speed, and unwavering reliability.

Welcome to ADMINS24, where every plan is not just a service tier but a unique journey through a world where technical challenges meet unmatched expertise, and where your website’s performance and security aren’t just priorities but are the very ethos of our existence.